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Sapphic Saturday Announcement!

Hello, friends!! Its that time where I announce a readathon right before its about to happen again!! Anywho, que the post all about the sapphics and the readathon. Recap! What is this Sapphic Saturday you speak of, Arin? It’s a readathon! Or, many readathons dedicated to reading sapphic books or books with (preferably central but… Continue reading Sapphic Saturday Announcement!

readathons · sapphic books

Announcing the Second Sapphic Saturday!

Hello, friends!! Guess what time it is? October!! (Though I should note that when I was typing that my brain went on auto pilot and typed March so uh, happy March everyone) And guess what that means? It's time for another Sapphic Saturday!!! If you missed our first round or all of our announcement stuff,… Continue reading Announcing the Second Sapphic Saturday!

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The First Sapphic Saturday Wrap Up and Reading Log!

Hello, friends!! If you didn't know, this past Saturday Brittany and I hosted a readathon!! If you want to know more about what this readathon is and find out how to join in the next time, you can read this post here, watch both of our blogs, and follow our readathon twitter account! Anyways, let's… Continue reading The First Sapphic Saturday Wrap Up and Reading Log!

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My (All Sapphic) Reading Rush 2019 Wrap Up!

Hello, friends! As you may have known, I did The Reading Rush last week! I made a TBR post and talked a bunch about it on twitter, but guess what. I didn't stick to my TBR. Like, at all. I read two of seven books from it. Two of seven. That is 28%, ie a… Continue reading My (All Sapphic) Reading Rush 2019 Wrap Up!


I Did Xandra (Starry Sky Books)’s 24 Hour Readathon

Hi, friends!! I love a good readathon, mainly because my brain loves having a task and during readathons I can say that reading is that task and actually focus on books for more than like, five minutes at a time. So, when Xandra announced that she was going to be hosting 24 hour readathons this… Continue reading I Did Xandra (Starry Sky Books)’s 24 Hour Readathon